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Parking lax can be a problematic and stressful task for the unprepared traveler. In 2009, Los Angeles International Airport was ranked the 7th busiest airport in the world with over 56 million passengers passing through. Finding the ideal parking spot can be a challenge, particularly when the volume of passengers and traffic reach peak levels during the holidays. Thousands of people miss their flights or connections every year simply because they didn't find an available spot to park in, on time.

parking at lax

However, such nightmarish situations can be easily avoided -parking lax need not be a difficult and unpredictable ordeal. By planning your trip and making a your parking arrangements long before the actual trip, such travel hassles will be a thing of the past for you. Here's how you can do it:

Familiarize yourself with layout of the airport. Which terminal will you be using? Los Angeles International Airport is a huge complex of facilities, covering over 3600 acres, it's easy to get lost in this veritable maze. LAX has 9 terminals (including the Tom Bradley International Terminal ) and different airlines are assigned to different terminals. Obviously, some parking lax locations are more convenient than others when you factor in the terminal that you will be using. For example, parking structures 3 and 4 are closer to TBIT, while parking structure 1 would be your best option if you're flying Southwest or US Airways.

Book your parking in advance. If you want the most convenient spot to park in where you can just walk from your car to the terminal, then it's best to park at any of the 7 central parking structures located in the center of the airport complex or at the Park One Public Parking Facility just across the airport Skyway from terminal 1. A bit farther, along Sepulveda Boulevard is Airport Lot C for long-term public parking. If you're planning to use any of these facilities, call the airport or make a reservation online - trying to secure a parking space on the spot is one sure recipe for missed flight disasters. Convenience, however, comes at a premium - at $30 per day at the central parking area, it's quite expensive to park in these airport-owned facilities.

Use off-airport parking facilities. If you're looking for alternatives, there are several privately-owned garage facilities nearby offering parking lax that may be more economical. These are located along Sepulveda, W Century, and along S La Cienega boulevards and are serviced by shuttle or are close to regular bus routes going to the airport. The service is generally excellent, the security arrangements top-notch, and the price significantly less than in the airport-owned facilities. Again, to avoid undue hassle, try to go online and check out these locations in advance. Compare prices, choose the best option, and make your reservation.

By coming prepared and planning the details of your trip in advance, including parking lax arrangements, you can be assured of a smooth and stress-free departure from or arrival at Los Angeles airport.

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